A Labradoodle is a crossbred or hybrid dog created by crossing a Labrador retriever with a standard or miniature poodle. There are different types of labradoodle.. first crosses (F1) back crosses (F1b) and multigenerational dogs. Their looks can vary enormously and confuse and confound the seeker of the perfect labradoodle…………

I will try not to add to that confusion only to say here buyer beware……… do not believe the breeder who presents you with a lovely FLAT hair coated puppy and tells you it will grow into a dog like the photo of the Australian multigenerational Labradoodle That you have clutched in your hand. It Wont!! also there is NO SUCH THING AS A HYPOALLERGENIC DOG.

Some dog’s like the poodle don’t shed their hair and so MAY be suitable for people with hair allergies or mild asthma. Likewise some Labradoodles particularly multigenerational or back cross doodles MAY be suitable.

For some people the Labradoodle Works out great and doesn’t trigger allergies but for others, a dog, any dog is just not going to work. If at all possible before you commit to buying a dog that you could ultimately have to re home, try to spend some time with a friends Labradoodle, and see how that works out. If you don’t know anyone with a doodle maybe we can help, just ask.

Temperament of the Labradoodle

The labradoodle has a sweet and loving nature, it is sociable friendly and very intuitive. However they can at times be too clever for their own good, and it would not be beyond the realms of possibility for them to outwit you……… sometimes the doodle is like the child who doesn’t want to go to bed, he hears you, he understands you, but he’s just testing to see if you mean it, so it is up to you “the Boss” to decide how you Want your doodle to behave. He will be very willing to please so training should be a pleasure. There are many dog obedience classes available which can be great fun and invaluable in achieving the dog that you want.. my advice here.. the effort that you invest in your puppies early life will be rewarded tenfold. Its so much easier to train an impressionable puppy than to have to deal with problems later on. If this is your first dog then good luck and have fun and if its not your first good luck anyway and have a great time.

The type of labradoodle we are breeding at Br Tafs

F1 back cross
They are a result of a first cross labradoodle, (usually but not always) bred back to a poodle, this is done to produce a better coat with more of the poodle non shedding aspects. F1b coats are typically very similar to multigenerational dogs coats, the only real difference being in the generation of the litter bred. Ideally it is a loose soft fleece coat that doesn’t shed, and needs some grooming. The ideal coat !! however Some of these puppies can have the wool coat of the poodle that doesn’t shed but needs regular grooming and clipping . These dog, provided they are kept clean usually have no body odour.

F1 Back Cross Miniature
These are a results of a first cross between a Labradoodle and a miniature poodle. These puppies will have a variety of coat types from flat hairy to curly poodle like. They are most often lacking in the wool of the poodle and nearly all of these will be light to heavy shedders.

The temperament and nature of the many different looks remain the same.

Multigenerational Australian


The labradoodle comes in a huge range of colours and shades from chalk, apricot, cream, gold, black, chocolate, red, caramel, and silver to parti. We at BrTaffs are breeding cream, apricot, black, and chocolate .