Apricot PuppyIf you think a labradoodle is the dog for you (or your not sure) you can contact us. We will be happy to advise you about the pros and CONS of owning a labradoodle. We don’t know everything, but what we have learned we would be happy to share with you.

We would never wish you to feel obliged to buy a puppy from us. Deciding to buy a dog requires a big commitment from you, and is not something to rush into. We have had people who contacted us 2 years ago and are only now Ready for the commitment of taking on a puppy and all that that entails, so please don’t be afraid of being called a time waster, we would never consider a person who takes the time to find out everything they need to know, a time-waster.

It is our hope that our puppies will grow into fine companions who like our very first dog “ Ella” will bring to you all the pleasures of canine companionship.

All our puppies are cared for and raised in a family environmement with early ‘Crate Training’ lots of outdoor fun and exercise, they are socialized with people large and small, dogs, cats, ponies and sometimes our resident pet rodent comes out to say hello.
All our puppies are vaccinated, micro chipped and come with a health cert. They will have started a worming program, are given flea treatment. They come with a puppy pack that includes advice on health feed Etc. We also provide a pedigree cert and a lifetime after care advise service.

Apricot PuppiesAs I have already said we don’t know everything but we welcome feedback and love to hear how our labradoodle babies are doing. Photos are always much appreciated.

If you decide that the labradoodle is the dog that you want and you would wish us to reserve a puppy we would be happy to do so. As with all things in nature mating plans are just that “plans” however we are happy to share our plans with you. Some of the things you need to think about are size sex and the “look” of your labradoodle, then we can advise you if we are be able to help you to find “your” puppy.

We do take provisional reservations on enquiry but it is only after you have seen and chosen your puppy that we will take a deposit. A deposit reserves your puppy and guarantees it will not be offered to another family.