Some of our breeding dogs live with us and some live in foster or guardian homes. They are not just breeding dogs but are very much a part of their human families. We believe that happy well-adjusted parents will give to their puppies, the best start in life and help them to grow into well-behaved gentle confident family companions full of personality and affection.

Just a little about our foundation mothers  <our Labradors > The Labradors in our initial program were carefully selected on the basis of suitability for a labradoodle mom. Our main criteria for this was health temperament, and intelligence and nothing to with champion  blood lines. Most often they are from working stock retrieving  from land and water. Many of their Grandmothers are testament of health and stamina and continue to live useful and happy lives today.


Boots is an F2 Labradoodle.

She is our biggest dog standing at at an impressive 27 in. bigger than both her parents, yet for all her size she is a very gentle soul and will play very gently with the youngest of our puppies. She seems to be the leader of the fun and games parade. Yet if you were to sit for 2 minutes she will always come and sit by you and put her head under your hand. Boots is now Retired. She had 2 litters of puppies for us. The first litter are family companion dogs and her second litter comprises of 2 pets and 4 qualified service dogs for children with autism.


Is an Infusion labradoodle
She is a little lady 15  in high. Very affectionate and willing to please loves her bath and loves to be groomed. Likes the nicest tasty bits of food and kind of trots like a little lady. Leah is now retired.


F1B Labradoodle
Here we have the boss. Or so she thinks! Can be a little greedy like her mum, but very clever and mystevoious.  Always the first one to spot something new going on, can be a little verbal in letting us know we have visitors, but her saving grace is she is obedient and is Scobys best friend, they sleep together.


F1B Labadoodle
She’s a mature dignified lady not given to mad galloping. Is sweet and kind and a wonderful mother, Sister of peg. Anime Mobile Apk


 F1B Mini Labradoodle
Mary is just the friendliest wiggling bunch of doodle ever, and we are delighted to have her in our breeding program.


F1B Labradoodle
Buck is our biggest guy,  for all his size hes a gentle and easy giant, he lives in a guardian home and has sired his first litter this year.


F1B Labradoodle
Max is Daisy’s son and lives in a guardian home, he’s very placid and playful and obedient “sometimes”.

Reilly Riley 2

Infusion Labradoodle

Reilly, the baby of the bunch, just one year old and awaiting her health tests.