Labradoodle PupsBrTafs labradoodles is situated under the foot hills of Mount Lenister in the county of Wexford in the south east corner of Ireland.

Our Business is Farriery and the breeding of thoroughbred horses but our hobby (if you can call a Passion a hobby) is labradoodles.

My Husband Barry and I along with our 4 children live and work from our home in Marshalstown, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. Horses and dogs have always played a large role in our lives through work and play. For many years we were lucky to have the companionship of a beautiful gentle black Labrador named Ella. She taught us much about dogs and endeared us to the personality of the lab. These Traits are very predominant in the labradoodle, mixed also with the fun and energy of the poodle – a perfect mix!

Our dogs are not kenneled but are mostly allowed to wander (or rather to gallop) freely around the gardens yards and paddocks close to our house. The youngsters are very energetic and just love chasing each other. My flower beds have often received a bashing as a result .

They are very much a part of our lives here and for the most part very involved in whatever it is we are doing. They like nothing better than following us around on toilet cleanup every morning and love to roll in the Clean straw of the horses stables at mucking out time. In the afternoons they can be found lounging on the porch listening to the TV and just being close to us their human family.