Welcome to BrTafs Labradoodles and thank you for visiting our site.

Our aim is to provide for you a wonderful long life companion dog with superior health and temperament.
8 years ago we implemented a breeding program to breed our very own unique Irish labradoodles.

We undertook this very exciting journey after being smitten with the labradoodle, and being unable to find a single breeder in Ireland. It was never our intention to become breeders but the response to our first litter was just wonderful and it was very rewarding for us to find people who like us really wanted a labradoodle to be part of their lives.

It is not our aim to produce large numbers of puppies but to produce very special puppies, with great care and consideration being given to health temperament and the suitability as family pets and companion dogs. If you are considering a labradoodle for your family we would love to hear from you.

We welcome visitors to come and meet us and our dogs (please make an appointment as you can imagine our house is sometimes like Dublin’s Henry St at Christmas). We never tire for sharing what we know about the labradoodle, and if we can help you in your quest to find the right dog for your family (Even if that turns out not to be a doodle) we will be delighted to help you make that decision.